ArgenZ shading liquids HT and ST bottles

ArgenZ Shading Liquids

ArgenZ Shading Liquids are designed for maximum esthetics, simplicity and most importantly consistency. The system is made in the USA and formulated to infiltrate accurately with ArgenZ Zirconia. Two unique shading systems pair with high translucent and super translucent materials and are available in kits or individual refills.

  • 16 VITA Classical Shades
  • 3 Bleach Shades
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ArgenZ Incisal Effect

ArgenZ Incisal Effect liquids create a naturally esthetic transition to the incisal region to help establish depth, shade accuracy, and vitality.

  • 3 Intensities
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ArgenZ shading liquids incisal effect bottles
7 ArgenZ color modifier bottles, orange, yellow, white, blue, violet, brown, gray

ArgenZ Color Modifier

Maximize the esthetic potential of your zirconia with ArgenZ Color Modifiers. These liquids can be used to highlight contours, characterize, and create intrinsic warmth and depth.

  • 7 Colors
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ArgenZ Pontic Reducer

ArgenZ Pontic Reducer effectively reduces the amount of chroma liquid absorbed by green state zirconia. It can be applied to bridge pontics and thick areas prior to applying shade liquid to balance chroma levels across a multi-unit restoration.

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ArgenZ Pontic reducer bottle

The Perfect Pair!

Argen’s zircona shading liquids are designed to work perfectly with ArgenZ Zirconia for better shading accuracy and more consistent results.

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