Terms and Conditions

As an Argen customer, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions listed below.

Digital Return Policy

Argen Digital utilizes industry leading digital technologies to produce the broadest range of high quality restorations to meet the demands of the dental laboratory. Argen continues to bring innovative digital solutions to their laboratory partners, including:

  • High Noble, Noble and Non-Precious Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
  • Argen’s Most Popular Alloys Through CAD/Cast Digital Metals
  • ArgenZTM Milled Zirconia
  • ArgenISTM Custom Abutments
  • ArgenPMMA Temps
  • Digital Captek
  • ArgenWAX Printed or Milled
  • Digital Models
  • Additional digital product offerings available on argen.com

THE ARGEN CORPORATION’s ("Argen") Digital group manufactures custom Digital Products manufactured from a digital file (CAD), designed and or submitted by a Customer or its Agent, including but not limited to milled and printed copings, full contour crowns and bridges, bridge molds, and temporary crowns (collectively "Digital Products" or each individually a "Digital Product"). Digital Products are made pursuant to specifications submitted by you (the "Customer") or an agent authorized by you to act on your behalf ("Agent"), through digital files uploaded to Argen. Argen relies on Customer or its Agent to provide the specifications for each case’s particular need. Customer is solely responsible for the design, material selection, parameters of the Digital Product, and for any digital file content delivered to Argen. By accepting a return, Argen is not admitting fault. Because each Digital Product is custom, Customer’s only remedy for a Customer return is to elect either 1) a re-make of the Digital Product or 2) a refund equal to the Digital Product price charged Customer by Argen ("Customer Remedy").IN NO EVENT SHALL ARGEN BE LIABLE FOR ANY OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES, WHETHER DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, AND WHETHER ARISING OUT OF BREACH OF WARRANTY OR OTHER CONTRACT BREACH, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORT OR ON ANY STRICT LIABILITY THEORY.Customer qualification for a Customer Remedy is limited to the following circumstances:

Notification:To qualify for repair or replacement, Customer must, within two business days of delivery of the Digital Product, notify Argen Digital (in writing at the following address: 5855 Oberlin Drive, San Diego, CA 92121 Attn: Customer Care, or via e-mail at digital@argen.com, or by calling Customer Care at 1-800-255-5524) of the Qualifying Reason, with detail reasonably acceptable to Argen ("Notification").

  1. QUALIFYING REASON: Customer must specify a Qualifying Reason for return. A Qualifying Reason would be an error on the part of Argen, as listed below (each a "Qualifying Reason")
    1. Any instance where the manufactured product was a material departure from the design file submitted to Argen Digital. This includes:
      1. Departure from digital file specifications scanned to Argen Digital
      2. Material departure from material specified for the build.
      3. Departure from the platform specified.
      4. Material departure from the turnaround time quoted per platform specified, should this inhibit Lab’s performance/completion of end-customer’s case.However, Argen is not responsible for delays caused by carrier.
      5. Shipment to address other than that specified in the order.
      6. Weight variance of more than 0.2 pennyweights, as measured by Argen Digital upon receipt of the returned Digital Product, not attributable to scale calibration (Customer is advised to calibrate its scale prior to returning a product due to claimed precious metal weight variance).
  2. NON-QUALIFYING RETURN. Customer is responsible for any issues due to:
    1. Customer or its Agent’s failure to adhere to Argen Digital recommended design settings.
    2. Customer or its Agent’s failure to select the appropriate product platform and other attributes as specified by Argen Digital.
    3. Customer or its Agent’s failure to upload the correct file to Argen.
    4. Customer or its Agent’s failure to input the correct shipping information (collectively "Customer Guidelines").
    5. Laboratory finishing issues.
    6. All other post-processing issues.
    7. Customer or its Agent’s failure to comply with the Notification requirements in Section 1 above.
    8. Argen Digital’s determination the product claim does not qualify as a Qualifying Reason.
  3. SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED: In addition to any issues caused by Customer or its Agent’s failure to comply with the Customer Guidelines, Argen Digital is not responsible for (a) lab finishing issues, (b) any post processing issues, (c) practitioner insertion error, (d) normal wear and tear including, without limitation, porcelain chipping or fractures, or (e) Zirconia connector failures.
  4. ARGEN DIGITAL INSPECTION AND DETERMINATION: All Re-Make/ Re-Order/ Refund requests require product to be sent back to Argen Digital. Argen Digital will provide a return shipping label and RMA number via email within 1 business day of Notification. Upon receipt of the affected product, Argen Digital’s quality control team will assess the condition and provide a determination of fault within five business days’ receipt of the returned affected product.
  5. RE-MAKE/RE-ORDER: Argen Digital is pleased to re-make the case upon notification from the Customer, either using original specifications or using revised specifications submitted to Argen Digital. Argen Digital will bill per usual for the replacement case, and may issue a credit refund for the original case only in such instances as Argen Digital finds that the Digital Product meets one of the Qualifying Reasons (defined above). For each Digital Product, the decision whether to repair or replace will be at Argen Digital’s sole discretion.
  6. REFUND PROCESS: If Argen Digital’s quality control team finds the issue was caused by Argen Digital, the affected Digital Product cost will be refunded to Customer as a credit. If the affected Digital Product is the only item in the original shipment, shipping fees will also be refunded to Customer as a credit. Should Argen Digital’s quality control team find the issue was not caused by Argen Digital, and if the issue was with a precious metal Digital Product, Argen Digital will credit only the amount equal to the precious metal content value; less a Ten Percent (10%) processing fee.
  7. DELIVERY ISSUES: Should Customer notify Argen Digital of a failure to receive its Digital Product order, Argen Digital will investigate the claim through its authorized shipping company. In no circumstances is Argen Digital responsible for such loss if (a) Customer or its Agent submitted incorrect shipping information, (b) Customer or its Agent signed a Signature Waiver or Release Delivery Authorization for carrier in question, (c) the Digital Product order indicates signed for and received at the address listed on the Customer or Agent submitted shipping information.
  8. ARGEN IS: For Custom Abutment Return Policy, see ArgenIS Warranty

Argen Digital reserves the right to amend this Argen Digital Return Policy without prior notice. Customer and its Agent should refer to the online policy as posted at www.argendigital.com from time to time to review the most recent terms.

Requested refunds due to claimed shipping company fault will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, Customer expressly waives any claim against Argen Digital for shipping company delay or loss of product. To be considered for any refund, Customer must have complied with the notice and return requirements of Section 1 above. Other than as specifically provided herein, Argen standard terms and conditions apply. See www.argen.com for current terms and conditions.