Adapterring 4782
Plastic rings that support 100mm discs
E1 2016
3D Scanner with or without Dental System
E2 2016
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium or Crown & Bridge
E3 2016
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium or Crown & Bridge
D2000 open use
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium
3shape cad points
CAD Points for design of Customized Abutments, Implant Bars & Bridges, and Removable Partial Dentures
Bofa dustpro
BOFA Suction & Filters
Furnace sintra tray
Sintering Tray for Use with the Sintra Furnace
Zgb 125d 25mm
Standard milling tools
Roland mill tools  collet wrench
Replacement dry mill parts
Smallbeads 9293
Yttria - Stabilized Zirconia Sintering Beads
Zero risk e1 2016
No Risk 3D Scanner without Dental System
Grease spaner mill
Consumable supplies for Roland Dental Mills
Dwx52d 1 argen
5-Axis Dental Milling Machine
Dwx 52dci
5-Axis Dental Milling Machine with Automatic Disk Changer
3Shape Articulator for Digital Lab Models
Articulator 1
Articulator holder for occlusion scan of models
Adapter plate adesso artex 1
Adesso Artex Transfer Plate
Two cast fixture
Fixture for occlusal alignment
Implant cast fixture
Fixture for implant models
Wax up bridge fixture
Fixture for wax-up bridges
Full dental fixture
Fixture for tray impressions
Interface plate for occlusion setup tool
Scanner Interface Plate
Occlusion transfer plate
Interface Plate for Occlusion Setup Tool