3Shape Scanner Transfer plates
3Shape E4 Red Scanner
A complete set of parts used for 3D Printing
Replacement Frame for the SOL LCD Screen
Fans used in the SOL Printer
VAT Locker parts used in the SOL Printer
Circuit boards used for the SOL Printer
The SOL Module to access WiFi
Z axis Motor for the SOL Printer
Replacement Glass for the SOL Printer
4-Axis Dental Milling Machine
3Shape Impression Fixtures for 3Shape Scanners
Storage Cases for Asiga MAX UV and Asiga PRO4k Build Trays
Dual Tank Resin Washer
Professional Curing Unit/UV Light Box
5 Axis Dry Mill
Covers for the Sol VAT Trays
Ackuretta SOL Vat
A complete set of VHF Tools for use with DentalCAM
VHF Kits for enabling the Ivotion denture workflow
Ackuretta SOL build platform 3D Printers
Print screen for Ackuretta SOL LCD 3D Printer Unit
The Ackuretta SOL Printer is the perfect entry-level solution for digital dentistry. Compact, powerful and accurate, ready to print right out of the box. The Ackuretta SOL uses LCD 3D Printing Technology, and currently has over 100 precalibrated materials available to the dental professional.
Replacement parts for the core axis of VHF Mills
Replacement Bulkhead Fittings for VHF Mills.
Replacement Calibration accessories for the VHF Mills
KE+ & SE Dry Milling Burs
Replacement electrical components for the VHF Milling Machines
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