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Wireless intraoral scanner

Intraoral Design

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Screw Retained Full Contour Custom Abutment

Abutment Design

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Design Methodology

Argen has a team of professional and experienced designers who are ready to support your lab.

We work with you to dial-in your settings and parameters so you get the fit you like every time.

We have built a number of tools to allow you to give us feedback throughout the process so your restoration turns out the way you want it.

Design Wizard™

Argen has built a best in class Design Wizard which allows you to click on easy to use pictures for each of your specifications.

For every case, you can select the specifications by expanding each section and clicking on the icon. It's easy, fast, and gives you complete control.

Use our defaults or make your own selections to guide us to ensure your perfect design.

Design Approval

For every case, you have the opportunity to approve or modify your design before it is manufactured.

Our state-of-the-art 3D approval viewer allows you to view your restoration on the model to check every aspect of your design.

Order Preferences

Argen offers you the ability to set your global order preferences in Order Settings, so you never miss a manufacturing cut-off time.

Design Services Order Preferences Menu

Case File Download

After we have finished designing your restoration, you will have the ability to download and import your entire design back into your 3shape system, make adjustments, then complete your manufacturing order so you can add your own touch to every design.

Case File Download feature
Split file with zirconia crown, titanium custom abutment, DIM analog, and soft tissue model

Case Consolidation

As part of our QC process, we consolidate all restorations for your case into a single neat package.

We bring everything together so we can check fit and ensure optimal accuracy across design and manufacturing.

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