NT Trading 2-CONnect Nonengaging Abutment Base

About The Product

The NT Trading Nonengaging 2-CONnect Abutment base is used to create custom restorations that provide reduced height for vertical occlusal clearance and/or implant angles. Due to its conical design implants with up to 30 degrees of divergence can be connected in a single bridge section. It has been designed so it can be used with several of the most common implant interfaces.

Limited Availability Details: If you are not able to find an NT Trading part that you previously purchased through Argen, that is because that item is no longer available. NT Trading is no longer supplying Implant Parts for future orders. We are looking into alternate options and will update Argen.com if we are able to provide a different product. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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