March 20, 2023

The Argen Experience at LMT LAB DAY Chicago

The Argen Corporation

Argen's ballroom had a new look to it this year at LMT LAB DAY Chicago. We created four unique hubs that highlighted the various product lines that Argen offers. These hubs featured equipment, milling and printing materials, digital outsourcing, and ArgenIS Implant Systems. We really wanted to spread awareness of our continuously growing equipment lineup. Because of this, Argen hosted an Ask the Argen Equipment Experts Session on Day 1 of LMT Lab Day. This all-day session was dedicated to solving anything that was challenging in a lab. We had staff from Argen, 3Shape, CIMsystem, DGSHAPE | Roland, vhf, and Asiga available to answer workflow questions. As a bonus, Beth Lundstrom, Argen’s 3Shape trainer, lead three hands-on sessions.

Also, we brought Argen to Chicago with our unique first-ever virtual reality (VR) tours. These tours offered a 3D, 180-degree interactive guided tour of the new and innovative work happening at Argen. Viewers had the option to immerse themselves in one of three unique VR tours: zirconia disc manufacturing, digital manufacturing center, and ArgenIS Custom Abutment facility.

Along with this, Argen's booth and ballroom had a lineup of new and upcoming products. We introduced ArgenIS Titanium, ArgenMill Cobalt-Chrome, and Argen Resins. And for equipment, we are going to be a reseller of 3Shape F8 scanner, vhf E5 mill, and Asiga PRO 4K80 and MAX UV 3D printers.

ArgenIS Titanium Bars

ArgenIS Titanium Bars are for use in both fixed and removable at the abutment level. These bars are milled from Grade 23 titanium with an industrial precision 5-axis milling machine. Titanium bars are compatible with most multi-unit abutments and received fully polished. Hader, dolder, attachment, montreal, and wraparound bars are available. 

ArgenMill Cobalt-Chrome

ArgenMill Cobalt-Chrome is highly accurate with a premium 5-axis milling process and requires little to no finishing. Files can be submitted for screw-retained bridges, crowns, and bridges (up to 14 units). Manufactured from Argen CoCr 255 with a fast 2-day turnaround.

Argen Resins

Enhance your in-house workflow and improve quality output with Argen Resins. Rapidly manufacture models, nightguards, surgical guides, customized impression trays, and many more. Argen Resins include Argen MODEL, Argen FLEX, Argen GUIDE, and Argen TRAY. All Argen Resins are validated for multiple 3D printers with a three-year shelf life from the date of manufacture.

We also previewed two new product lines coming this spring:

  • Receive extraordinary detail in your zirconia cases without spending hours at the bench. ArgenZ High Definition Zirconia is milled with a 90° strategy for a higher degree of definition of the interproximal area, greater separation of teeth, and enhanced detail of gingival features. Available in ArgenIS screw-retained and full arches (2 to 14 units) and in all shades of ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer and HT+ Pre-Shaded zirconia.
  • Argen’s SLM RPD Frames are made with a uniquely formulated blend that’s more accurate and ductile than traditional casting. SLM RPD frames are manufactured from a quad 500W laser technology to ensure a precise fit every time. Eliminate the headache involved with casting by outsourcing to Argen.