November 09, 2022

Paul Cascone and Argen R&D's Research on Speed Sintering

JDT Magazine, The Argen Corporation

Paul Cascone, BE MetE, MS, SVP of Research and Development at the Argen Corporation, recently delved into the process of zirconia sintering, the conditions for speed sintering, and a speed sintering evaluation in a recent paper for JDT Magazine, published by the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

“Dental zirconia is a remarkable restorative material that has enabled dental laboratories to attain a level of productivity higher than ever before. The single part of the process that many technicians find troublesome, however, is the sintering operation. Most manufacturers recommend sintering cycles from four to eleven hours. Is there a better way? Is there a faster way?”

Please read the JDT article to learn more about Paul Cascone and the Argen R&D Department's research.