August 18, 2020

Get Your Nerd On With Paul "The Science Guy"

August 18, 2020

The most used material on the fixed side of our industry is Zirconia. Introduced in the mid-2000's, it has taken over as the "go to" restoration in dentistry. But what exactly is Zirconia? How does it get from the earth into a mill?

Tune into this week's Voices from the Bench podcast to hear from the one and only Paul Cascone, SVP of R&D at The Argen Corporation. Paul comes on to tell us a little about alloys and a lot about zirconia: where it comes from, how it’s processed, how they get the shades, and what is next for this super popular product in our industry. Prepare to get your nerd on.

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About Paul:

Paul Cascone, BE MetE, MS, is SVP of R&D at The Argen Corporation. He’s developed numerous dental alloy products and applied dental metallurgy to the laser-selective-melting process, enabling alloys to be a part of the digital world. He holds patents on dental alloys, materials and processes and has published articles on alloy development, metal-ceramic bonding, computer modeling of material systems and computer simulation material processes.