October 02, 2023

ArgenZ HT+Multilayer and ArgenIS Milled Bars Wins 2023 JDT WOW! Awards

JDT Magazine October 2023

Thank you for helping Argen win a JDT Wow! Award for the tenth year in a row! We are committed to making our customers' lab life easier, and that is why we are so proud to be recognized again by the esteemed JDT panel of judges. ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer and ArgenIS Milled Bars have been selected as products that WOWs! the dental industry.

ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars 

ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars are for use in both fixed and removable cases at the abutment level. These bars are milled from Grade 23 titanium and Argen CoCr 255 with an industrial precision 5-axis milling machine. Cobalt-chrome and titanium bars are compatible with most multi-units. Hader, Dolder, Attachment, Thimble, Montreal, and Wraparound bars are available.

In what ways does it save time and money?

Argen offers several time and cost savings opportunities when you outsource your cobalt-chrome and titanium bars. Argen ensures efficient production, minimizing errors and delays. Faster turnaround times are possible due to Argen's dedicated focus and streamlined operations. Quality assurance measures lower the risk of defective products, preventing costly rework for labs. By avoiding investment in equipment and infrastructure, your lab's overhead costs are reduced. Outsourcing also allows your lab to allocate resources effectively and concentrate on core activities.

How is quality improved? 

ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars improve quality through the use of premium biocompatible materials and state-of-the-art equipment for the precision manufacturing of bars. By milling these bars from discs, the elimination of porosity is ensured, enhancing the structural integrity and reliability of the bars. These bars are designed to fit seamlessly with abutment interfaces. Cobalt-chrome and titanium bars are available in a wide range of indications, catering to various dental restoration needs. This comprehensive approach highlights a commitment to providing tailored solutions for different cases. The combination of these elements - the use of quality materials, advanced milling technology, porosity-free, and precision fit - collectively contributes to the elevated quality of ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars.

What do your customers say is the WOW factor?

The standout "WOW factor" for our customers when it comes to ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars is the precision fit and the stunning final polished appearance of the product. Our customers are consistently amazed by the level of accuracy in the fit, which ensures seamless integration with the restoration. The bars arrive at the lab with minimal adjustments required since Argen handles all the necessary work, delivering a hassle-free experience. The rapid turnaround time also contributes to the overall positive impression. The remarkable combination of precise fit, polished aesthetics, and efficient service embodies the WOW factors that consistently impress our customers in relation to ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars.

ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer Zirconia 

ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer is the first high strength zirconia to employ dynamic layer thicknesses. This zirconia is made from our proprietary HT+ zirconia, which has a high strength of 1250 MPa throughout and transitional layers that vary depending upon the disc thickness. This layer distribution creates a natural gradient without visible layer lines, which makes nesting easier.

In what ways does it save time and money?

ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer is available in 16 VITA Classical Shades, 3 Bleach Shades, and 5 Light Shades. “L" or "Light" shades are formulated for implant-retained full arch restorations. Slightly lighter than their corresponding shade, the light shades provide a more accurate shade match on long-span to full-arch cases. With an accurate shade match, labs can expect fewer remakes and less labor effort, saving them both time and money.

How is quality improved? 

ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer has the highest strength (1250 MPa) compared to Argen's other zirconia. It also has the same translucent material (45%) as ArgenZ HT+ Zirconia. It’s strong enough for the posterior but esthetic enough for the anterior. This unique formula makes ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer the go-to zirconia for any lab. ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer also blends with ArgenZ Anterior and other ceramic materials, making it perfect for combination cases in the mouth.

What do your customers say is the WOW factor?

“We continually strive to improve the restorations we provide our customers and their patients. We’ve tested several zirconia products and are impressed with Argen HT+ and HT+ Multilayer. It has it all.”

  • Predictability: Can consistently achieve the requested shade. No need to compensate for hue and value when finishing restorations.
  • Strength: Can confidently use it with implants and anterior or posterior crowns for all types of fixed prosthetics-from a single unit to full arch restorations.
  • Aesthetics: The multilayer structure and levels of translucency allow us to produce monolithic and layered restorations that accurately mimic natural dentition. In addition, it is very easy to handle it in the green stage where hand adjustments are made.
  • Versatility: “The unique combination of strength and translucency eliminates the need to carry multiple types of ZR in inventory."

- Vadim Vainer, CDT, Director of Integrated Solutions, Research and Education, Shikosha Dental Laboratory


Feature published in Journal of Dental Technology, October 2023