October 01, 2020

Argen's Platinum Plus® Wins A JDT WOW! Award

JDT Magazine October 2020

Thank you for honoring us for the seventh time in a row! At Argen, we are committed to developing products and solutions to make your lab life easy. We are proud to once again be recognized for our contributions by the esteemed JDT WOW! panel of judges. Our latest alloy, Platinum Plus® has been selected as a product that WOW!s the dental industry. 

Platinum Plus® is a palladium free Noble alloy that is an excellent, economical substitute for any palladium containing Noble and High Noble alloy. Platinum Plus® is a cobalt chromium alloy with sufficient platinum group elements (platinum and ruthenium) to classify as Noble. Platinum Plus® is a robust alloy that is stronger and more ductile than most palladium alloys, making it easier to grind and better for thin wall restorations. It is also compatible with all porcelains. The alloy can be obtained from Argen as casting ingots or through the SLM and DPM digital workflows.

What about it gives labs the WOW! advantage over competitors?

Platinum Plus® remains significantly more affordable than the High Noble alternatives, which is a major benefit for dental laboratories. The price of palladium repeatedly hit highs over the past few years, reaching close to $2,000 per Troy ounce at the end of 2019 and surpassing the price of gold and platinum. Since 2019, the price of palladium has increased by another forty-six percent.

Here is what others are saying about Platinum Plus®:
"We have watched Palladium rise to over $2000 on ounce! Offering our dentists a noble alloy at a competitive price has been trying to say the least. This affordable semi-precious alternative has been awesome to work with. And with a savings of over 60% from what we were paying before... let's just say our dentists are very happy and so are we." - Shaun Keating, CDT.

How will it help labs succeed in today’s times and moving into the future?

By choosing Platinum Plus® over palladium containing alloys, labs can insulate themselves from highly volatile commodity prices. The dental industry has always been dependent on the commodity marketplace. When the price of gold increased in the 1970’s, palladium was used to lower the alloy cost. The ADA established the alloy classification system of High Noble and Noble in 1976. Since then, the Noble category has generally been less expensive than the High Noble category. This situation has now changed. The price of palladium is not expected to decrease below the price of gold in the future. This means that High Noble alloys are and will continue to be more economical than most Noble alloys with the exception of one newly developed Noble alloy that recently hit the market. Recognizing that the Noble category has been the workhorse of PFM, Argen developed Platinum Plus® (patent pending) - a Noble alloy without palladium.