October 29, 2019

Argen Wins A JDT WOW! Awards

JDT Magazine October 2019

Argen.com Selected for 2019 JDT WOW! Awards

As an industry leader, Argen strives to develop innovative products and cutting-edge technology to make your lab efficient and smart. We are proud to once again be recognized for our contributions by the esteemed JDT WOW! panel of judges. Argen.com has been selected for a JDT WOW! Award for our best in class one-stop website. 

What does the product/service do? 
Argen.com is a state-of-the-art website that allows you to easily manage your orders, payments, dongles, and more all in one place.

For standard and digital orders, you can submit orders online, reorder items with the click of a button, view product technical sheets, track your packages, and manage returns and cancellations. Argen’s online Design Center also gives you the ability to submit design service requests using our proprietary Design Wizard, manage, comment on, and approve designs, download the full design case, and track the order.

You also have the ability to view invoices online, make payments and even pick and pay specific invoices and amounts.

How does it save time and money?
Argen.com saves you time and money by providing an intuitive workflow and expediting a variety of tasks online that would traditionally require more extensive phone or email communication. With argen.com, you can manage your account and orders anytime, from anywhere.

Our website is the most user-friendly and versatile ecommerce platform in the industry. It takes just minutes to set up your online account, and then you can easily navigate argen.com and handle account-related items in just a few clicks. We designed argen.com to be fast, easy, and efficient so there’s no extensive training required.  

What is the differentiator from other products/services on the market?
Argen.com is the only platform that gives you direct access to such a wide variety of online tools and features. Its customer-centric interface and comprehensive tools make it easy for you to submit design requests, place orders, and manage your account.

Additionally, Argen is the only 3Shape reseller to offer an online dongle renewal feature. This self-service portal lets customers proactively manage and renew their 3Shape dongle subscriptions so they can keep their systems up-to-date and avoid unnecessary downtime.

The site is constantly evolving and new features are routinely added based on user feedback. Argen.com exclusively gives you autonomy and power over your account through an easy-to-use platform.

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