October 09, 2018

Argen Wins Two JDT WOW! Awards

JDT Magazine October 2018

ArgenZ HT+ and Argen Milling Center Selected for 2018 JDT WOW! Awards

It can be overwhelming to choose from the plethora of products on the market. The JDT WOW! list strives to identify the products and services that keep life in the lab simple, efficient and smart. What defines a WOW! product or service? It should save time, money and increase quality, help technicians to achieve extraordinary success, and overall, just WOW the user. The 2018 WOW! judging panel reviewed and researched almost one hundred nominations and the top-ranked products are listed in alphabetical order. 

ArgenZ HT+

What does the product/service do? 
ArgenZ HT+ is the next generation high translucent zirconia, delivering 4-5% more translucency and 150 MPa increased strength over traditional HT zirconia. With ArgenZ HT+, dental labs can complete any case, from single units up to a full roundhouse. ArgenZ HT+ is available in 3 disc sizes and 9 thicknesses.

How does it save time and money?
ArgenZ HT+ has an expanded shade selection, with 16 VITA Classical Shades, and 3 Bleach Shades. Plus, ArgenZ HT+ White pairs perfectly with ArgenZ HT Shading Liquids for maximum esthetics and consistent shade matching. With an accurate shade match, labs can expect fewer remakes and less labor effort, saving them both time and money.  

What is the product’s/service's WOW! factor?
ArgenZ HT+ is the most translucent HT material (45%) with the highest strength (1250 MPa). It’s strong enough for the posterior but esthetic enough for the anterior. This unique formula makes ArgenZ HT+ the go-to zirconia for any lab. ArgenZ HT+ also blends with ArgenZ Anterior and other ceramic materials, making it perfect for combination cases. 

What is your customer feedback on this product/service?
“Argen HT+ is my go-to Zirconium now. I switched most of my zirconium crowns to HT+. The translucency is right on and the color is wonderful. Argen HT+ is just perfect, even the strength is PERFECT!! They made my life much easier. I really appreciate how Argen is helping dental labs like us. They are the most trustful company I work with.”
-Takuma Tanizaki, ACL Hawaii, Inc. 

“Argen's HT+ has the perfect combination of opacity and translucency which mimics the appearance of lithium disilicate. HT+ has allowed us to increase our in-house production by designing, milling, and most importantly sintering both hybrid abutment and crown under one sintering program! Argen's HT+ is a total game changer!”
-Frank Escalante, CDT AACD,  Newport Beach Smile Designs     

“We have used up our current HT+ discs and are ordering more. I'm glad there are more Zirconia size options. It is a superior material to the previous ArgenZ Esthetic. The material has a more natural and lifelike appearance, meaning there is a visual "depth" in the crown and the transitions from root to tip are more subtle, making it easier for our quality control personnel to validate the finished product.”
- Ken Jones, Crosstown Dental

Argen Milling Center

What does the product/service do? 
Argen’s Digital Manufacturing Facility houses more than 105 printing and milling machines that run 24 hours per day, five days per week and are serviced by more than 100 trained personnel. Argen produces the widest array of digital products to accommodate the needs of any lab. For permanent restorations, Argen offers milled zirconia units and bridges, custom abutments compatible with 15 leading platforms, milled gold crowns and bridges, CAD/Cast Digital Precious Metals (DPM), and 3D printed models. Additionally, Argen Digital is the only manufacturer in the world to offer Selective Laser Melting (SLM) substructures in High Noble, Noble, and Non-Precious metals. All of these items are available through the Argen Digital workflow and Argen offers high quality design services for labs requiring extra assistance. Argen continually innovates and will offer additional fixed and removable solutions in the future. 

How does it save time and money?
Outfitting a lab to support a fully in-house digital workflow is costly and time intensive. The steep financial investment and resource burden is a common barrier for labs wanting to enter the digital market. Argen helps labs to circumvent these issues by serving as an extension of the dental lab with its digital production services.  

Argen has prioritized the expansion and optimization of its digital center, investing heavily in talent, technology, and equipment. Argen’s manufacturing capabilities enable a high volume of quality products to be produced quickly and affordably. In turn, dental labs benefit from an end-to-end digital workflow while bypassing cost and time barriers typical to labs interested in going digital.

What is the product’s/service's WOW! factor?
Argen’s uniquely comprehensive product selection means dental labs can conveniently source all of their product and service needs through Argen Digital for one fixed shipping cost. Argen is the single source for digital dentistry solutions and helps labs remain competitive in the industry, regardless of their technical capabilities or experience. Thanks to Argen’s efficient manufacturing processes, labs receive units in just two business days. 

What is your customer feedback on this product/service?  
Labs choose Argen for the convenience, accuracy, and quality provided by Argen’s San Diego-based state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Labs trust Argen to provide them with the best products at competitive prices and endorse Argen’s dedicated support, dependable service, and fast turnaround times. Additionally, customers appreciate Argen’s commitment to dental labs worldwide and efforts to be a true digital partner to all labs.  

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