May 20, 2024

Introducing ArgenMODEL Pro Resins

Argen Corporation

As a leading dental lab supplier and manufacturer, Argen relies extensively on 3D resin. Our dedication to quality has driven us to develop ArgenMODEL Pro™ Resins, designed to enhance productivity while maintaining precision. ArgenMODEL Pro™ delivers fast and accurate results for dental models, including removable, crown & bridge, and orthodontic models. We've meticulously engineered ArgenMODEL Pro™ to optimize color shading, printing speed, and accuracy. It comes in two carefully selected colors, Neutral Grey and Sandstone, which seamlessly complement crowns, preserving their natural appearance while delivering impeccable model accuracy. ArgenMODEL Pro™ is compatible with multiple DLP printers and is available in 1kg bottles.

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