September 18, 2017

ArgenZ HT+ Now Available for Digital and Disc Orders on

Press Release

September 18, 2017: San Diego, CA Argen is proud to announce the launch of ArgenZ HT+. This innovative material is the next generation high translucent zirconia, and is the new workhorse standard for HT zirconia.  ArgenZ HT+ features 4-5% more translucency (45%) and 150MPa increased strength (1250MPa) over traditional HT zirconia. ArgenZ HT+ gives dental laboratories the ability to complete any case, from single units up to a full roundhouse. ArgenZ HT+ easily blends with ArgenZ Anterior and other ceramic materials, making it perfect for combination cases. ArgenZ HT+ and Anterior can be sintered together at 1500c for easier processing and increased productivity.

After several years of development we attained and surpassed our goal to reduce sintering temperature of ArgenZ Esthetic while maintaining strength and translucency,” Paul Cascone, Senior VP of Research and Development said. “Not only were we able to reduce the sintering temperature from 1570⁰C to 1500⁰C but the zirconia exhibited higher translucency and higher strength.”  

ArgenZ HT+ discs may be ordered online through HT+ may also be purchased as single unit up to 14 unit bridges from Argen Digital. Labs submit files for manufacturing through or directly through Argen Inbox with 3shape’s Dental Manager. Argen Digital quick turnaround times mean labs receive most milled units in just 2 business days. Contact Argen Digital at 800-255-5524 or visit to learn more.

For more than 50 years Argen, a family-owned company and partner to dental laboratories worldwide, has served the dental industry and continues to invest in new and innovative product offerings to provide dental laboratories with affordable, high-performance products and industry-leading customer service.