September 09, 2016

Ahead of the Pack: Clear Vision Paying Off

Article - IDT August 2016

Anton Woolf and Argen Corporation foresaw the rise of CAD/CAM and are confident in the future of laboratories. Argen - Ahead of the Pack - IDT August 2016

Anton Woolf took over as CEO of the world’s largest precious metal alloy company in 2008 and laid out a clear vision for the company that his parents, Bertie and Jackie, had successfully built over the previous 45 years. Argen Corporation would become more diversified with a focus on digital dentistry, and it would stand behind dental laboratories. Both were bold propositions; at the time, CAD/CAM was still very new, and offshoring and chairside were threatening the future of laboratories. Woolf says it was a significant challenge to shift the vision and culture of the company during very uncertain times. But he persevered.

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