March 03, 2017

Argen Digital Now Offers Milled Gold Crowns

Press Release

March 3, 2017: San Diego, CA Argen Digital is proud to announce the launch of Argen®Mill milled gold crowns and bridges. ArgenMill Milled Gold CrownsThe ArgenMill product line currently offers 2 yellow gold options: Au58, a High Noble alloy containing 58% gold, and Au2, a Noble alloy containing 2% gold. Both are available through Argen Digital in single to 3-unit full contour bridges at competitive prices.

In this dynamic, evolving marketplace there is still a demand for high quality gold crowns,” states Jeff Lowthorp, Director of Business Development at Argen. “ArgenMill allows labs to reduce time and labor, while solving many issues including inconsistent fits, washed out anatomy and inventory carrying costs. Our customers have been thrilled with the units they receive in the lab, with a quick polish they are ready to seat.”

Labs submit files for manufacturing through or directly through Argen Inbox with 3shape’s Dental Manager. Argen Digital quick turnaround times mean labs receive milled units in just 2 business days. Contact Argen Digital at 800-255-5524 or visit to learn more.

For over 50 years Argen has served the dental industry and continues to invest in new and innovative product offerings to provide dental laboratories with affordable, high-performance products and industry-leading customer service. Look for more exciting, innovative product offerings from Argen throughout 2017. To learn more, contact the Argen Corporation at 1-800-255-5524 or visit or