ArgenIS Implant

"Argen is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. They offer high quality, beautiful abutments with great pricing and amazing customer support! After 25 plus years as a loyal alloy client, I must say they stand in a class of their own."
Robert Ingrassio
 CDT, GM, CQCMDL Dental Lab, Rochester, NY

Why Argen

Why Argen

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Watch How our Abutments are Milled

Watch How Our Abutments Are Milled

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Product Offering

Our Product Offering

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Why Dental Labratories Choose Argen ISA* Abutments

Argen's custom abutments and screws are certified OEM-equivalent; they function comparably to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Our manufacturing processes and standards are designed to create the highest quality implant solutions comparable with the leading implant systems.

Argen’s ISA* Abutments
Various OEM Abutments
FDA 510(k) Cleared
MDSAP Certified
ISO 13485
Warranty (Implant & Abutment)
Strict Tolerances
True-to-Design Margins
Split Files
FDA 510(k) Cleared 2 Final Screws
Better Value
*Implant Specific Abutment

Watch Argen's Abutment Manufacturing Process

Technology That Benefits Your Lab

Robotic Automation
Reliable, predictable results

Advanced Milling Strategies
True-to-design margins and finishes

End-to-End Manufacturing
On-site precision CNC Swiss-screw machines using state-of-the-art technology

Designed Together.
Manufactured Together.
Shipped Together.

Whether you need the complete split file or a single component, Argen's integrated automation process ensures strict tolerances, creating consistent fits you can rely on.

Split File

Compatible with 15 Leading Implant Systems

  • ASTRA OsseoSpeed TX™*
  • BioHorizons®*
  • Biomet 3i Certain®*
  • Biomet 3i OSSEOTITE®*
  • CAMLOG®*
  • Hiossen ET / HT®*
  • Neoss®*
  • NobelActive™*
  • NobelReplace Select®*
  • Noble Branermark®*
  • Straumann Bone Level®*
  • Straumann SynOcta®*
  • Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent®*
*Not trademarks of The Argen Corporation.

Product Offerings

ArgenIS Titanium Custom Abutments

ArgenIS Titanium Custom Abutments are milled with a 5-Axis precision mill for the highest quality units. Available options include Retention Grooves and Gold Shade.

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Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutment

ArgenIS Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutments are available in frame with the final screw and optional gold shades base. vailable in ArgenZ HT+, ArgenZ Anterior or ArgenZ Ultra Zirconia.

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Screw Retained Full Contour Zirconia Custom Hybrid

ArgenIS Screw Retained Full Contour Zirconia Custom Hybrids are available in frame or full contour with an optional gold shaded base. Finished with ArgenZ HT+ or ArgenZ Anterior Zirconia.

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Angled Screw Channel Abutments

ArgenIS Angled Screw Channel Abutments offer the ability to place the access hole anywhere between 0° to 25° in a 360° radius.

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Cobalt Chrome SLM Hybrid Custom Abutment

ArgenIS Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) Hybrid Top is the only Non-Precious Selective Laser Melted (SLM) Top in the industry. With universal porcelain compatibility, ArgenIS Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) Hybrid Tops are indicated for PFM Screw Retained Crowns.

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Screw Retained Bridge

ArgenIS Angled Screw Channel Abutments offer the ability to place the access hole anywhere between 0° to 25° in a 360° radius.

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For more information, talk to your Argen Sales Representative or contact us now.