COVID-19 Production Schedule Notice

At Argen, we are implementing robust proactive measures for the well-being of our customers and employees to ensure we continue to service your needs.  As a result, we will require additional time to process your orders. Click here for revised digital cut-off and delivery times through April 6, 2020.

ProductsZirconiaShade Liquids
Shade Liquids
Argenz shadingliquids sts 0829
Super Translucent Shading Liquid
Argenz shadingliquids hts 0834
High Translucent Shading Liquid
Incisaleffects 0823
Incisal Effect Liquid for creating incisal shades
Ponticreducer 0826
Pontic Reducer liquid for reducing shade intensity
Colormodifiers 0812
Color Modifer Liquid
Argenzshadingliquids 0842
Complete Set for High Translucent Shading
Tissueshades 0823
Tissue Shade Liquid
Argenzshadingliquids 0850
Complete Set for Super Translucent Shading
Ht demoset 0561
Zirconia Demo Set
Stdemoset 0561
Zirconia Demo Set